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25 May 2024
Capital repair of the bulldozer DET-250

25 May 2024
Capital repair of the bulldozer DET-320

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Capital Repair, ICE Repair

Our organization carries out the capital repair of different types of road building machines produced by Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant, Cheboksary Aggregate Plant etc. (DET-250, DET-320, B-170, T-35, T-11 and others).

Our technicians have accumulated a great experience in repairing different assemblages and aggregates of road building machines. Our repair base has got all the necessary processing equipment.

Every stage of repair work is to be conformed with the Customer.

The warranty on executed work ensures the high-quality fulfillment of capital machinery repair.

We use only new parts in the process of assembly.

Our specialists’ visit to your plant is optional (either for rendering of repair service, or for rough estimate of work cost).

We also give consultations on technical servicing, repair of machinery and its parts and aggregates, and we grant engineering documentation.

Our organization performs the capital repair and support manning of B31M2, В31М4, В-46-5С, D160, D180 engines on continuing basis.

The due date of capital repair work is from 14 to 45 days (depending on the work complexity).

The warranty on no failure engine operation is 6 months from the date of work executed statement signing, subject to adherence to the maintenance manual requirements and the running time is not to exceed 400 hours.

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ICE Capital Repair Dispatch List

1. Piston-cylinder-unit changeover (bushing, piston, pin, rings, block head padding etc.).

2. Shaft journal polishing and main shaft changeover in shaft size.

3. Conrod bush changeover.

4. Oil pump changeover.

5. High-pressure oil pump changeover.

6. Spray atomizer changeover.

7. Changeover of all the mechanical rubber parts, paddings, hoses, sleeves, goffer glands, copper-asbestos rings.

8. Slit section and filter changeover.

9. Under-load testing bench.

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