25 May 2024 Huge selection of parts in stock !
25 May 2024
Capital repair of the bulldozer DET-250

25 May 2024
Capital repair of the bulldozer DET-320

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Experience:     Makos Group of Companies is highly experienced in sales of road, construction and specialty equipment, spare parts, industrial electrical equipment, construction materials. We have developed a large database on industrial products consumers and we have been sustaining close cooperation with many of them.

Cooperation:     МWe would be glad to cooperate with industrial products manufacturers and dealers and serve for your product promotion to the markets of Russia and CIS.

Lease:     As experience suggests the customer is unlikely to pay 100% of the equipment value even if it is urgently required. Makos Group of Companies can ensure your equipment supply to your customer by lease mechanism. Here are the benefits of cooperation with Makos Group of Companies:

Sales increase.

     Leasing is a perfect way towards abrupt increase in sales volume. Prospective customer paying basically only 25-30% of the equipment total cost, may buy your equipment using the funds of Makos Group of Companies.

Customer base expanding.

     Leasing enables customers, unwilling to spend their floating assets on buying equipment, to become your clients. Thus equipment suppliers offer lease financing to the customers.

Competitive advantage.

     Nowadays there are few companies offering equipment lease which makes the service to be the most significant advantage for the customers. Cooperation with Makos Group of Companies helps to attract clients of the competitors.

Additional income.

     Important condition of collaboration is the obligation of buy back. Equipment is bought back by the supplier on residual value (with depreciation factor being equal to 3) in case a lease agreement is violated by the customer. Hence, a supplier may gain not only from maintenance services but also from sales of the equipment removed from the non-paying lessees. Additional income is gained because residual value of the removed equipment is less then its initial market price due to accelerated depreciation.

Mutual benefit:     МWe do our best to constantly enlarge the range of products retailed and services provided and are ready to negotiate cooperation for mutual benefit.